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Franklin Township Girls Softball

FTGS League Rules- All Divisions
(Revised Aug, 2020)

1. A regulation game shall consist of 6 innings or 1 hour 10 minutes, whichever is first. No new inning will start after the time limit of 1 hour 10 minutes has elapsed. Innings in progress should be finished unless the home team is batting and they are already ahead. Games that are tied when the time has expired will automatically go to the USSSA International Tiebreaker rule.EXCEPTION: 6U division plays only three innings.

International Tie-Breaker Rule (Tournament Only)

In the event that the Tie-Breaker rule is used the following procedures shall apply:

At the start of the inning in which the tie-breaker rule is used, the offensive team shall begin its turn at bat with the player who is scheduled to bat last in that respective half inning being placed on second base (e.g., if the number 5 batter is the lead off batter, the number 4 batter in the batting order will be placed on second base). The umpire and the scorekeeper will determine that the proper runner has been placed at second base and the inning shall begin.

2. A game called by an umpire for any reason shall be regulation if 4 or more innings have been completed.  EXCEPTION:  6U division games are complete after 2 innings.

3. Minimum number of players to begin a game is 8. No team shall continue to play with less than 6 players. The batting order shall consist of all the girls present and on time for the game. All girls shall bat when their turn comes even if they are not playing in the field at the time.Players that are not present at the start of the game shall be placed on the bottom of the lineup. Upon her arrival, inform both  scorekeepers.  A team must have 8 players to start at the SCHEDULED game time. There will be a grace period of 10 minutes only for the arrival of an eighth player before the game is declared a forfeit. If a player leaves, inform scorekeeper to bypass their position in the batting order (no out). Please see Sprite rules for specifics.

4. Each team may score only 6 runs in any one inning. EXCEPTION: player batting in the sixth run shall be allowed to proceed on bases until she is stopped and all preceding runners shall be allowed to score if they are not stopped.  PLEASE NOTE THAT SCORE IS NOT KEPT IN THE 6U DIVISION.

5. Bat Throwing: The first time will result in a team warning by the umpire. The umpire notifies scorekeepers.  The second time a bat is thrown on that team by any player she is called out. This is an umpire judgment call.

6. Umpires are the official timekeepers.  There shall be no coaching by the scorekeepers during the game.  Home team shall maintain the official book and the Visiting team shall maintain the scoreboard.

7. Should a player not be able to bat due to illness or injury both scorekeepers should be notified and that player’s spot in the order will be skipped with no out recorded. If she is able to continue by her next turn at bat she can bat with no penalty.

8. ONLY the Head Coach, Assistant Coach and team Moms are permitted on the field and in dugouts during the game.    

9. The FTGS Board will reschedule rainouts in order of occurrence. Friday doubleheaders and/or later Saturday afternoon/evening games will be played if necessary to complete the season.

10. All players in the league must be in league shirt and softball pants to play a game. Borrowed players may have a different colored shirt, but must still wear softball pants.  No jeans or shorts will be allowed.  ALL JEWELRY IS PROHIBITED! NO METAL CLEATS!

11.   If a team doesn’t have enough players to field a team, they may borrow a younger player from the division directly below them. The borrowed player is allowed to pitch IF NO OTHER PITCHER IS AVAILABLE.  A borrowed player cannot replace a regular team player in the infield unless a regular team’s player refuses that position. A borrowed player must be placed at the bottom of the batting order. ONLY THREE (3) PLAYERS MAY BE PULLED UP FROM THE YOUNGER LEAGUES.  WHEN USING BORROWED PLAYERS THE TOTAL NUMBER OF PLAYERS ON THE TEAM CAN’T EXCEED 10.  A REGULAR TEAM PLAYER CAN NOT BE BENCHED TO ALLOW A BORROWED PLAYER TO PLAY.  ALL BORROWED PLAYERS MUST BE PAID AND REGISTERED REC LEAGUE PLAYERS- NO EXCEPTIONS.

12. All players must wear a face mask during practice and games.

13.   When fields need extra work due to inclement weather, managers and coaches are to work together to get the fields playable as close to game time as possible.  Team A manager and coaches should NOT be warming up their team while Team B is preparing the field. If the umpire feels the managers are taking an unreasonable amount of time to prepare the fields, the umpire may start the clock at his/her discretion and the game will be played in whatever time there is left on the clock when the umpire says “play ball”.

14. Shirts must be completely tucked in. The umpire will remind managers before each game.   

15. All leagues will follow USSSA rules that are applicable. (Reminder: USSSA rule states that all runners must keep helmets on until players have reached the dugout.)

16. No intentional walks (judgment call).  If the umpire deems that walk was intentional, he/she shall eject the pitcher’s manager from the game.  Said manager must submit to the board, in writing, within 24 hours an explanation for his/her actions.

17. NO PETS ARE ALLOWED ON THE GROUNDS OF FT GIRLS SOFTBALL.  Any Board member reserves the right to ask the pet be removed.


19.    All on-deck batters must wear a helmet and stand between 1st or 3rd base on their respective side.

20.    Anyone 17 or under helping on the field during a game MUST wear a Helmet.

21.    All girls present must play defensively a minimum of every other inning.

22. All teams are ALLOWED four (4) events per week per team. This includes practices, games, batting cage, etc….

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Franklin Township Girls Softball

4150 Bazil Ave., P.O. Box 39251
Indianapolis, Indiana 46239

Email: [email protected]
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