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Franklin Township Girls Softball

10U Rules (Ages 9-10)

1.  The playing field shall consist of a maximum of 6 infielders with up to 4 players in the outfield

2.  Pitching distance shall be 35 feet from the back of home plate

3.  If a pitcher walks 4 batters in an inning, the batting team's coach will come in to finish the remainder of the inning and the pitcher will become a pitcher's helper.  Being hit by a pitch counts also.

4.  Stealing is allowed during player pitch portions of the game.  Runners may leave the base with the release of the ball from the pitcher.  Runners may NOT steal during coach pitch, but may lead off at the release of the ball from the pitcher.

5.  The ball is not dead until the defensive team stops the lead runner, not throwing back to the circle to call time.  Once the lead runner is stopped, that player may call time.

6.  During any coach pitch portion of the game, the batter will receive up to 5 pitches or 3 strikes, whichever comes first.  Players may not walk while a coach is pitching.

7.  If it is deemed by the umpire that the coach inadvertently interfered with a play, a deal ball will be called and all runners will be sent back to their starting positions.  If it is deemed by the umpire that the coach intentionally interfered with a paly, a dead ball will be called and the lead runner (or batter if there are not runners) will be called out.

8.  No infield fly rule.

9.  No drop third strike rule.

10. Bunting is allowed

11. Offensive coaches are allowed at 1st and 3rd base.  You may have two defensive coaches in the outfield until Saturday, May 6th.  After that date, there will be no defensive coaches allowed.  All coaches must be adults (18+) that have completed and passed a background check.

12. Mercy Rule:  After 4 innings of play and one team is leading by 10 runs, the umpire shall call the game if the home team has been allowed to bat.

13. Refer to FTGS Leagues Rules-All Divisions