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Franklin Township Girls Softball

8U Rules (Ages 7-8)

1. The playing field shall consist of a maximum of 6 infielders with ALL remaining players in the outfield grass.

2. The first inning of the game will start with player-pitch. The pitcher will be allowed to pitch to the opposing team until the defensive team gets outs or until the pitcher walks a total of 2 batters (does not have to be in a row). If the pitcher walks 2 batters before all 3 outs are obtained, the coach of the batting team will come in and finish the inning. The 2nd inning and all subsequent innings will be coach-pitch.

3.  For player pitch a hit batter is considered a walk for the pitcher and that batter will be allowed to go to first base.

4.  During coach pitch, the batter does not get to advance to first if they are hit by the pitch.

5.  Pitching distance shall be 35 feet from the back of home plate. BOTH COACHES AND PLAYERS MUST PITCH FROM THE 35 FOOT PITCHING RUBBER- NO EXCEPTIONS.

6. During the player-pitch portion of the game a batter is out after 3 strikes or is walked after 4 balls, whichever is first.

7. During the coach-pitch portion of the game the batter will receive up to 7 pitches. She will be out after 3 strikes or the conclusion of 7 pitches. If the 7th or latter pitch is fouled, the batter will receive another pitch.

8. During coach-pitch, the pitcher’s helper must have one foot inside the pitching circle (the line itself is considered in the circle) when the pitch is delivered to the batter. Pitcher’s helper must start at or behind the pitching rubber.

9. If it is deemed by the umpire that the coach inadvertently interfered with a play, a dead ball will be called and all runners will be sent back to their starting positions. If it is deemed by the umpire that the coach intentionally interfered with a play a dead ball will be called and the lead runner (or batter if there are not runners) will be called out.

10. Play is stopped when lead runner is stopped by any player with possession of the ball. Once play is stopped, if the base runners have made it past the halfway mark they are awarded the next base. Otherwise they must return to the previous base. Halfway marks should be chalked on the diamonds to help the umpire make decisions regarding advancement of base runners. Coaches should not attempt to take advantage of the halfway marks by continually running their players during a play. The Umpire has full discretion on when the play has stopped.

NOTE: Coaches may wear a glove while pitching and can catch balls thrown back to the circle from the catcher after a pitched ball. All other throws to the pitcher circle should be caught by the pitcher’s helper. When the ball is in play the coach must exit the pitcher’s circle to avoid interfering with the play.

11. Offensive coaches are allowed at 1st and 3rd base. You may have two defensive coaches in the outfield. All must be adults (18+) that have completed and passed a background check.

12. No infield fly rule

13. No dropped third strike rule.

14. No walks during coach pitch.

15. No stealing of any base.

16. No bunting is allowed

17. Base runners can advance ONE base on an overthrow with ONE overthrow per at bat.  The ball is live so base runners can advance or return to base at their own risk.  Throws from the outfield don’t apply.  Throws from the infield to a base or throws from the infield back to the pitcher do apply.  If the ball goes out of play you get an automatic base advance.

18. Mercy rule: After 4 innings of play and one team is leading by 10 runs, the umpire shall call the game if the home team has been allowed to bat.

19.  Refer to FTGS League Rules-All Divisions

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Franklin Township Girls Softball

4150 Bazil Ave., P.O. Box 39251
Indianapolis, Indiana 46239

Email: [email protected]
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