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Franklin Township Girls Softball

6U Rules (Ages 5-6)

1. 6U division games are umpired by a coach or parent from the competing teams.

2. A regulation game will consist of 3 innings or 1 hour 15 minutes, whichever is first.

3. No score or division standing is kept in the 6U division.

4. Bases are set at 50 feet.

5. The minimum numbers of players need to start a game is 6. No team shall continue play with less than 5 players.  There will be a grace period of 10 minutes only for the arrival of a sixth player before the game is cancelled.

6. You must field all players in the field each inning with no girl required to be in the outfield grass.

7. All players on your roster present for the game must be in your batting order and bat each inning.

8. Teams will bat through their entire lineup each inning.  If 3 outs are obtained prior to the last batter being up to bat, outs start over.

9. The batter will be allowed seven (7) attempts to hit or three strikes, whichever is first. The batter will begin with coach pitch.  Coaches will pitch to their own teams.  Any time during coach pitch that the batter is charged with 2 strikes and has remaining attempts or only has one remaining attempt to hit, the coach has the option of placing the ball on a tee for the batter; (this is not mandatory).  If the 7th attempt to hit (whether from the coach or the tee) is fouled, the batter will receive another pitch or another swing from the tee, whichever resulted in the foul ball. When hitting from the tee, the batter must make contact with the ball when hitting from the tee or it is considered a swinging strike.

10. Coaches are not required to remain inside the pitching circle when pitching to the batter. The coach may be as close as 25 feet from home plate.

11.  Pitcher’s helper must have one foot inside the pitching circle (the line itself is considered in the circle) when the pitch is delivered to the batter.  They can start anywhere inside the circle but must not interfere with the coach pitching.

12. The coach that is pitching to her/his team is not allowed to coach base runners.

13.  The coach that is pitching may wear a glove.

14. The coach that is pitching must make every effort not to interfere with any fielder attempting to make a play.  Should the person calling the game feel that a coach intentionally interfered with a defensive player’s attempt to make a routine play a dead ball will be called and the batter/runner will be called out and all base runners will be returned to the last base occupied.

15. Any batted ball which hits the coach that is pitching will be declared a dead ball. The pitch does not count against the batter and all base runners will be returned to the last base occupied.

16. No stealing of any base is allowed

17. No bunting.

18. Batter will NOT be awarded first base if hit by a pitch.

19. A runner may not leave base until the ball is hit.

20.  Refer to FTGS League Rules-All Divisions