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Franklin Township Girls Softball

Alliance / Showcase Softball Program

Alliance (or Showcase) is an additional opportunity for players in Franklin Twp. Girls Softball (FTGS) to be on a team in which the players practice more, play additional games and compete against other leagues in a stronger competitive environment. Players must try out for the team, pay additional fees above and beyond the normal FTGS registration fees, and have team activities in the fall and winter leading up to the season. The Alliance season is played simultaneously as the recreational season is played until the end of the recreation league season. Alliance players will play on FTGS recreational teams as well as being a member of the Alliance team.

Each roster and coaching staff will be dissolved after the conclusion of each season, and new tryouts for players will take place at the conclusion of all star play and end of season tournaments. For example: the 2015 Showcase teams will hold tryouts in September/October once all teams from FTGS have completed end of season tournaments and once school has started so that all kids are assured of being present.

Alliance games are typically played on Sundays in the spring and summer. In order to play at high levels the teams will practice in the winter months. FTGS understands many players play other sports (FTGS encourages playing multiple sports) in the fall and winter but we request players make every effort to attend team activities when there are no conflicts. Players should make an attempt to attend practice; however, the winter workouts are optional.

Teams: Each age group, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U will be permitted to have (1) or (2) teams if enough players desire to participate and managers commit to leading the team. If there are enough players in an age group to field two teams of 12, then 24 players may participate from each age group.

Player Evaluations: Evaluations will occur in September/October. Evaluations will be specific to age group and only players of the same age will go thru evaluations together. Evaluations may be on one or more dates as determined by the evaluation staff. The evaluation process will include skills, drills, and possibly scrimmage game(s). The evaluation process may or may not be the same depending on player ages.

Managers: Each Alliance team will have one Manager. The Manager, once assigned to a team, will then select their assistant coach or coaches. The Manager will coordinate with indoor facilities to schedule winter practices and will schedule games. No Alliance game will be played after 8 days of the FTGS Championship day. Games are intended to be played in April, May, and through the 3rd week of June. Opponents should be within a 60 minute drive of Wanamaker. It is recommended that games not be scheduled on the weekend prior to Championship day. Alliance games shall not interfere with FTGS recreational league scheduling.

Player Selection: The Manager will select the players for each team based on the combination of the evaluations, end of season evaluations and recommendations by recreational, showcase or All Star manager and coaches. Factors in selection will include but not be limited to ability, availability, attitude and team needs.

Player Expectations: Attend practice and winter workouts to learn, practice, and execute the fundamental skills of hitting, throwing, catching, base running, situational softball and all other aspects of the game. Playing in a minimum of 2 innings (6 outs) and one at bat as is the minimum game play requirement.

Parent Expectations: This is a voluntary program which does not guarantee equal playing time for all players in any way similar to the recreational softball league. Playing time is determined by the Manager. He/She will determine the best batting order most conducive to scoring runs, determine the best defensive alignment according to ability, and determine when to have players pitch/catch according to ability.

Financial: Parents will be required to pay an additional fee once the player is selected to the team. This will cover additional uniforms, equipment, alliance fees, and umpire fees. There may be an additional fee for additional tournament games.